The Stories Between Your Lies


“You see, you were broken.
And I fell for you anyway.
Because I am broken, too.”

The stories between your lies. That’s what I wanted to discover. Bits of truths scattered in those crevasses. The true depth of emotion when all I saw was a mask. I wondered what lived beneath your façade. I wondered what mysteries I would unfold. And I admit, I felt a sense of excitement from the prospect of uncovering you, like an archeologist — one little piece at a time.

So I promised myself one thing. I wouldn’t fall in love with you. But the deeper I went, the harder it became to keep my guard up. You see, you were flawed. You were broken. You tried to hide it, but I somehow found my way through. To your heart. Before I realized it, I’d already fallen in love with you. Despite those lies. Despite your resistance. The masks. Everything. I fell for you anyway. It was something I never expected, but I didn’t regret it, once I felt its existence. Because, my love, I am broken, too.

© Sarah Doughty

You don’t have to hide.

I’m not entirely sure
who I was writing about here,
but I felt it deeply.
Perhaps it is a new heroine.
I hope you enjoyed this little tale.

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