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Two In Twenty-Four

It’s been so long since the pandemic started raging through countries and cities. It’s spilled into every corner of the globe with no end in sight. And here I am, where I’ve always been. Except this is different. I’m not the only one in isolation. I’m not the only one that feels stuck with no hope of escape. I’m not okay. You’re probably not, either. And that is okay.

It’s okay to feel lonely. It’s okay to feel sad. Or scared. Or anything else. It’s okay to feel. Twice today, I was reminded of this fact. Despite my social distancing online — which again, I apologize for, people are still taking time to reach out and tell me how much my words have helped them. Different ways of helping, but helping nonetheless. I’d almost forgotten what something like that feels like, and I realized that we all probably need it, in some form or other, as well.

So, if you’re reading this and something has been on your mind, or you’ve thought about something someone is doing that you appreciate, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell them. Tell them how they’ve impacted your life. Even if it was only for a few seconds. Even if it feels inconsequential, it should be shared.

I, for one, cannot thank each and every one of you enough for being here despite my silence. Knowing you’re there waiting for me gives me hope to keep fighting through whatever this is I’ve been experiencing in different degrees of severity for nearly a year.

© Sarah Doughty

I’m still here
and so are you.
There’s hope left
for all of us.

6 thoughts on “Two In Twenty-Four”

  1. Well, Sarah, please add me to the list of those who are always moved by your words and messages!! I always love reading your words and posts! An unbroken string of pearls!!! Bellissimo, Sarah, Bellissimo!!
    xoxo 😘💕🌹


  2. I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while myself. Why are you distancing from it if I may ask?
    One way or another – stay safe and stay golden!
    Remember that you can always reach out to me via my contact page if you need to chat.


  3. There can be light at the end of the tunnel. Down here, on the other side of the world, we have done exactly what we’ve been asked to do and reduced the spread to almost zero. It doesn’t mean it’s gone away, it just means we know what is required to keep it at bay. And, having done as we’ve been asked, we have got back some freedom, which, if it works out, will mean more freedom, and then almost back to normal. It won’t happen overnight, or in a few weeks, but it will happen. You just have to hang in there, and all will be well.


  4. All the best to you, dear Sarah! These are weird and challenging times for most of us, and I am sure that your words make a great difference in many lives… Please keep working your magic, and stay safe 🙂 xx


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