Weighing Heavy

“This darkness weighs heavy on my sleepy eyes,
but it lets me hide from the truth.”

This darkness weighs heavy on my sleepy eyes and I don’t know what I can do to let some light in. I’m not even sure I want to any longer. It seems the more I linger in these suffocating shadows, the more I appreciate them for what they are. You see, in the light, you can see the sadness in my weary expression. In the light, it becomes impossible to hide from the truth that shadows can conceal with ease. So this perpetual night isn’t so much a tomb. It’s a mask.

© Sarah Doughty

And I’m okay hiding in shadow for now.

2 thoughts on “Weighing Heavy”

  1. Amazing how music can reach us touch us motivate us either way…especially to cry. It can make you happy said, delighted pleased angry. Sometimes we need to cry and music can help us reach that place.


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