Dreamless Questions

“Darling, do you even know
what you’ve missed because of me?
Would you still want to stay?”

Have you ever wondered what my dreams are like? What you would see if you looked behind the mask on my face? Would you see colors? Light? Hear sounds? Have you ever wondered about the faces I’ve glimpsed? The conversations I’ve had? The ones where I’m just a spectator, or seeing through the eyes of someone unknown? Would you even want to see, if you knew the kinds of things that lurked in the shadows? What about the times the beauty of my dreams brings me to tears and I cry through closed eyes? Or when the beauty and tragedy of my world falls from the sky like a waterfall? Would you want to see the ones I have with you in them? The ones that exist in a world where I am not hiding behind a mask, because I don’t need to? Would you want to see what you’ve missed? What you could have had with someone else?

Would you still see me as the same person?

© Sarah Doughty

Would you still want to stay?

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