Forest Fires

“I needed something to change.
Where the truth could shine
beneath the moonlight.”

As the heat crawled up my spine, I reveled in the night that surrounded me. These darkened woods were like jumbled thoughts. Intrusions into the void. After so long in the empty, lifeless expanse, I needed something to change. I needed those thorns and brambles to stop poking through my skin, slowly bleeding me dry. I needed more of the lush soil beneath. To find a safe place to land my feet. A place that wouldn’t reach out to bite me when I least expected it. So this night, I set the expanse ablaze. If only to feel the heat and know that the blaze would turn everything to ash. Finally, at last, allowing the truth to take center stage beneath the moonlight.

© Sarah Doughty

The truth that I’m not broken.
I’m just needing to purge
all the ghosts and demons that have claws.

2 thoughts on “Forest Fires”

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