“This is where I meet my end.
And I wonder what I’m leaving behind.”

This is where I meet my end. Where the world is no longer technicolor, but monochromatic tones fading into infinite black. A blanket of obsidian. This is where my soul sits. At the edge of oblivion. Wondering where I’m going next. What happens from here. Why this time has come so soon. So suddenly. This, at the opening of an endless chasm — an abyss of nothingness — is where I contemplate my end.

Was it enough? Did I live to the best of my ability? Did my loved ones love me as fiercely as I did for them? What will they remember, now that I’m nothing more than a memory? And I wonder, when I meet my end, will there be anything left of me to look back at how I lived? How I survived? How I loved?

Or will I be nothing?

© Sarah Doughty

Remember this: you are never alone.
You are NEVER nothing.
You matter.
So when you see the sun rise
again for a new day,
try to remember how much
you are loved.

For SH-R.

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