“When I hear my soul speaking,
I remember you.”

And these are my floodgates. When the world opens up and the rains come crashing down at terminal velocity. When my lungs finally learn how to inhale oxygen once more. When my veins stop pumping blood and instead use ink to sustain me. This. This moment. I come alive. The world goes silent, even though there’s so much noise that surrounds me. Even though the cacophony can be deafening, so can the silence. That is when I hear my soul speaking. That is when I remember you. That is when I think about us.

© Sarah Doughty

That is when I remember us.

Inspired by the lovely @kkfosterlyrics.

5 thoughts on “Floodgates”

  1. It’s pretty neat when that silence takes over. You can see a lot of things in those times. Whenever anyone starts talking about dieting, a great silence comes over me. It’s pretty awesome. Ha.


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