“And it’s here. In this place.
Where I feel you the most.”

And it’s here. In this place. Where I feel you the most. It’s in the grass. The leaves that kick up with the breeze that always seems to smell of you. The way the trees sway, as if they’re dancing to a tune I cannot hear. I long to hear that melody. I long to hear your voice once more. The way you used to speak to me. In those low, secretive ways that only you could master. Under the shade of the trees with the birds singing their songs and the sunbeams slipping between the cracks in the canopy. Together. Those are the moments I remember. And as I stand here alone, in this place we used to call ours, everything is the same as it was. Except for you.

© Sarah Doughty

Except for you.

Inspired by the lovely @kkfosterlyrics.

9 thoughts on “Exceptions”

  1. So beautifully emotive but something in me is screaming to complete/change the last line to: “Except for your absence and nothing is the same as it was.” I’ve been in love… oh, some hundred years ago, and I remember going to such a place as you describe when I was still sickly in love and he was no longer there. That everything dared be the same as it was when nothing was because of my emptiness of heart literally made me sick. I came so close to jumping in the river that time and making an end of the constant heartache. I really did not believe I would ever heal. We do, somehow, but only because we learn to ignore the scars.


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