“So please, hold me close
and make all this pain go away.”

This longing is becoming more than I can bear. I’m screaming on the inside at the top of my lungs and I’m certain even my eyes are vibrating from the force of it. But on the inside, I’m still. Silent. I’m putting forward a brave face. A mask no one even noticed I’m wearing. This was how I learned to survive. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to break out of this shell. I can’t bear to be so raw. So open. So vulnerable. I can’t seem to utter the words I long to speak the most. “I need you tonight.” So please, hear my call. Just this once. Hold me close and make all this heartache and pain go away. If only for a little while.

© Sarah Doughty

Can you hear me calling?

6 thoughts on “Please”

  1. This was great. Although I wouldn’t want other people to literally read my mind, I sometimes wish that we had an on/off button for that. That in those moments you described we could flip the switch on, and the other person would naturally pick it up without us having to say it.

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