Heroes Vs. Villains

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m
the hero or the villain in my story.”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the hero or the villain in my story. I know what I’ve survived. I know what I’ve overcome. And I know what demons I still need to fight. But I also know what kind of mark I’m leaving upon my loved ones.

I know I can’t show my love like a normal affectionate person. I know how sometimes any light or sound will make my head feel like exploding. I know my anxiety can make me restless and lose my temper. So I do wonder. Am I a hero for overcoming, but with a few flaws. Or am I the villain, for not being the person I should be for the ones I love?

© Sarah Doughty

Either way, I’m not without flaws.

10 thoughts on “Heroes Vs. Villains”

      1. Yes. And one might even consider it more charming; it’s one thing for someone to rest effortlessly in heroism and another for us to bite back villainy to make a a move of selflessness. Thanks for the exploration into our layered identities and breaking up the dull afternoon!


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