Dangerous Beauty

“You were a perfect storm.
And I wanted you like nothing
I’d ever felt before.”

It was the hunger in your eyes that caught my attention. There was something about you. Like even the air around you knew you were in charge. It was the respect of everyone around you. It was the way you carried yourself. Like you’d earned every bit of your ruthless reputation. And you knew it.

Maybe it was the way your eyes slid over me like a caress. Maybe it was countless generations of instincts running through me. Whatever it was, I knew you were a perfect storm. A mixture of dangerousness, grace, and beauty. A shark. A lion. A predator. And I wanted you like nothing I’d ever felt before.

© Sarah Doughty

Oh, how I wanted you.

16 thoughts on “Dangerous Beauty”

    1. Thank you so much. While this wasn’t a direct excerpt from my current novel in progress, it was most definitely inspired by the two main characters. It is an early analysis of the person they hardly know, but find themselves intrigued nonetheless.


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