“And this weight is slowly suffocating me.
The weight of loving you.”

And this weight is slowly suffocating me. Building brick by brick, stone by stone until my lungs even cannot withstand it. It’s the weight of loving you. The abundance of feeling that overflows from my skin and spills from my eyes. Can you feel it, too? If only these words carried the weight I feel in my bones. Maybe it won’t be so difficult to understand. Because then, it’ll mean you feel the same way. That you feel the same weight. And isn’t that worth the effort?

© Sarah Doughty

If it isn’t, what is?

5 thoughts on “Weights”

  1. When I hear things like that, I’m not sure whether to be glad or to start worrying. Something described as suffocating, or of heavy weight fills me with fear. To me, it means that the person feeling these things will sooner or later get rid of their constraints. Will I then be discarded?


    1. Oh, yes, I’ve seen this happen countless times before. It’s not easy seeing the pain that’s caused. I can say this, at least. If a person feels they must take action to relieve a burden they have upon themselves, there may be some adverse affects on others. But it shouldn’t be taken as their fault for losing that person discarding weight. It wouldn’t hurt any less, but the blame shouldn’t be placed on themselves.

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