Death Of Us

“I loved you, but I was never
meant to be kept.”

I loved you, but you decided what I needed to do with my life without asking for my thoughts. You appointed yourself as my savior — but I was capable of saving myself. But I still loved you anyway.

The problem is that you put yourself on that pedestal. And then you felt attacked when I used my voice, showed I still had feet to stand upon and a backbone that could withstand anything life threw at me.

So, you see, I loved you, but I was never meant to be kept.

And that was the death of us.

© Sarah Doughty

It takes two to make
a relationship.
If it’s one-sided,
odds are it won’t last.

Luckily, this was a hypothetical
that never came to pass for me.
Unfortunately, not everyone
can say the same.

5 thoughts on “Death Of Us”

  1. I like that you wrote that it was a hypothetical. It allows the reader to just focus on the piece instead of sharing advice, which I’m not sure why we give. I think I try to comfort…


    Great piece. Totally believable.

    Liked by 1 person

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