A Lesson Learned

“Maybe it wouldn’t hurt this much,
if I knew not to trust you.”

Maybe it was wrong of me to trust you at your word. Maybe I should have taken more time and read between the lines instead of focusing on the way they sounded coming from your lips. Maybe then it wouldn’t hurt this much, knowing how wrong I was to trust you. Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll have a taste of your own medicine and understand what it means to have your heart thrown back in your face. Maybe then you’ll see how much destruction you’ve left in your wake. Or, maybe you’ll never see the monster that looks back at you in the mirror. Either way, I know better now. I just hope the next one doesn’t fall for your tricks so easily.

© Sarah Doughty

Just because I know better,
it doesn’t mean
that it won’t happen.

5 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned”

  1. Awesome piece, Sarah!! I love this! Lived it too! I knew the truth and probable outcome beforehand but rolled the dice anyway! Loved your title!! I tend to have to “Learn the Hard Way” myself. Knowing what I know now I still can’t say I would change a single step because they all led me to my Beloved Angel and changing even one thing might not have let me end up with her. My Crooked Path!! Ha! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!
    xoxo 😊💖🌹


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