A New Day

“Living — even when there’s nothing but misery
— is so much better than being numb.”

It felt like floating in space, somewhere between awake and dreaming. It was an infinite oblivion of nothing. There was no pain. No suffering. No love. And no joy. It invited me in with a warm embrace, and for an instant I wanted to get lost there. In that place of nothingness. But then something warned me in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t give in. Living — even when there’s pain, misery, and heartache — is so much better than being numb and unplugged from reality. I gave myself a moment to bask in that space, and then opened my eyes to face a new day.

© Sarah Doughty

It’s only matter of time before
it all starts again.

16 thoughts on “A New Day”

  1. How very timely for me. I definitely share your sentiment, however, it’s been tried lately. The negative feelings are taking a toll on my health and I feel like feeling nothing would be healthier for me. I feel myself slipping into the abyss. The moment I climb up, something falls and knocks me back down. Too many bruises. Maybe I should just stay down for a while in this nothingness…


    1. Oh man. I can relate very much to your thoughts. I’ve gone the numb route before and it actually made me feel worse in the long run. Almost like that abyss grew deeper in my unfeeling absence. I understand if you choose to do so, just try not to stay there for too long.

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      1. Indeed. I usually try and fight the current because I hate it there, but then I realize that the more I fight, the more adrift I find myself. So I calm down. Lay on the surface and regain my strength for when the abyss less expects it.


  2. “I gave myself a moment to bask in that space, and then opened my eyes to face a new day.” I love how this creates two different mental images for me. One is of someone lying in bed and finally deciding to open their eyes.

    The other is of someone standing outside with their eyes closed. It’s cold and dark out there. Then, as the sun rises, they raise their head and open their eyes. The sunrise’s warm orange light shines on them and they smile, ready to face the day.


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