Storm Of Indecision

“Sometimes I’m not sure
who I am in this reality.
All I know is that I’m lost.”

Sometimes I’m not sure who I am in this reality. Am I an alien, discovering this new world? Wandering aimlessly through life? Or maybe I’m just lost like the rest of the world, grasping at straws and hoping I’ll find my way eventually. This storm of indecision haunts me. So I’ll do the only thing I can: keep looking. Somewhere I’m bound to find myself.

© Sarah Doughty


This was written for day eight
of November Notes.
I Of The Storm by Of Monsters And Men

11 thoughts on “Storm Of Indecision”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and moving post. I really enjoyed reading it! I have just published an article on my blog about indecision in the modern era and its impact. If you have time, it would be great if you could read it and let me know your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

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  2. Quote: “I’ll do the only thing I can: keep looking. Somewhere I’m bound to find myself.” Indeed, that is how it works. An endless quest in which we become everything we seek, we discover, we analyze, study and adapt to. Who are you? asks the oracle. I am the one who seeks, I replied. Very well, you may pass.
    The key is to realize we “move” to the degree that we remain unfinished. To seek ultimate fulfillment and comfort is to betray the sacredness of our nature. Of course we can choose to do that We may not even realize that we betrayed ourselves in doing so. We are action figures and “eternal rest” is not for us. Knowing this makes us the most powerful (and dangerous) creatures in the cosmos. So the most advanced ones temper it with compassion.
    (Through all the WordPress shenanigans, many people have fallen off my radar. Your comment on http://ixiocali.com triggered my memory and I re-followed.)


      1. Did you mean ‘internally’? It is pointless to seek rest in this reality. This is a circus and a prison in which all are being pushed, driven, dictated to, and expected to perform according to ever-changing rules. Some of us have risen above that and now watch to see how it goes, studying the past, measuring the present, and with this, projecting Earth’s calculable future. I’ve gone as far as a thousand years, seen the collapse of this civilization, the death of billions, seen a comeback made by a mutant new species of Earthians and participated in developing an entirely new way of interaction and cooperation between people, aliens, and the rebounding native life on the planet. For those of us who awaken to a much greater reality, beyond the “box” of this one, we are looking at an amazing future. The in-between reincarnations though, very difficult, very painful.


      2. Yes. I have a new phone and the autocorrect is sneaky. It seems like we are genetically hardwired to not stay still. The bustle of what’s happening right now is clouding any kind of future many cannot fathom.

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