The List

“My heart was never yours to darken,
but you tried your best.
Too bad it wasn’t enough.”

No matter how much I try to forget about you, you’re always there in the shadows. Like my own personal ghost. My demon from the past. I’ve come to accept that you’ll always be with me, and I don’t know if that realization is a relief, or yet another burden for me to bear. Either way, I’ll keep compiling a list of all the things I’ve overcome β€” all those things you told me I could never do. And until the day I die, I’ll keep proving it.

  1. Fall in love
  2. Be loved
  3. Get married, happily, to a decent human that loves me back
  4. Own a home
  5. Get a college education
  6. Become a mother
  7. Raise an intelligent, epathetic human
  8. Write, and not be terrible at it (I’m humble, so I find it difficult to say I do it well)
  9. Explore other creative paths (like art, editing, book cover creation, and more)
  10. Rescue animals from sociopaths like you…

Β© Sarah Doughty
2018 (except for expanded list)

8 thoughts on “The List”

  1. Oh, Sarah! You need not be “humble” nor reluctant about acknowledging that you are a great writer!! Your work is so masterful! Loved “The List” so much! So are you 10 for 10 on your list?? You must inform us so we can cheer you for completion or for any still yet to come!!
    xoxo πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΉβœ¨βœ¨


    1. Oh, my friend. That is very kind of you. It seems odd to claim excellence when I still feel like there’s room to grow and evolve. But I do appreciate the vote of confidence. As far as the list, I was told basically everything was out of reach, and even the air I breathed was too good for me. So the specifics of the list are quite vast. But those are some of the biggest things that I was told specifically I’d never achieve or accomplish. I learned my lesson after he murdered my dog when I was thirteen or fourteen, which I consider one of the bigger failures. I’ve tried to balance the equation by saving as many as I’ve been able to over the years since.


    1. Oh thank you for the kind words. I’ll consider sharing some book art. Those are always so satisfying when I hear from others that they’ve turned out just right. Even for my own books, it was quite a learning curve to make the color gradients, but seeing them in action is so beautiful.

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  2. What a wonderful list and what a tremendous amount of accomplishments. You are a great writer I agree with athousandbitsofpaper! Have a blessed and love filled day. May chocolate bunnies dipped in red raspberry sauce climb onto your porch while blue jays sing a song just for you. Love πŸ’• Joni

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