Sleepy Daylit Eyes


“The next day always comes.
Just remember to keep going.”

I thought, once upon a time, that fireflies gathered together just beyond the horizon, and combined their bio-luminescent bodies into what people called the sun. My sleepy eyes would watch, and wonder what it would be like to shine up there with them. Together. To make daylight possible. To make the sky turn blue by reflecting their light back at them. And let the clouds take center stage.

Those giants could be fluffy, white cotton candy, with the sun glimmering through them. Or they would blanket the sky, rumble and cry, like I so often wanted to do. And sometimes I did. Because I knew, I wasn’t the only one in so much pain. But then there were days when the expanse of the sky was empty. Nothing but blue as far as my eyes could touch.

But no matter what happened during the day, I was sad to see those fireflies heading towards the horizon, slowly dimming their light as they went, welcoming the moon to rise and take their place.

© Sarah Doughty

The next day always comes.
Remember to make the most
of your time.


5 thoughts on “Sleepy Daylit Eyes

  1. Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we’d, lost yesterday, we can’t, move on to today, and then, today turned into, another yesterday, and we don’t even realize, that we’d, lost, another day of our own, precious lives, by NOT moving forward…

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