Fireflies At Night

“And darling, I do.
Flaws and all.
I shine like the moon.”

The stars flickered and danced above my head. Like fireflies just beyond my little, outstretched fingers. They dotted across the expanse and my eyes filled with dreams of a better life. Even as the moon took center stage, it never felt complete, looking up at infinity, without seeing the stars there, too. Without them, it felt like an incomplete canvas. It felt like pieces of me were gone. But somehow, I knew, they were still up there, hiding. Reminding me that it’s okay to feel lost. To be invisible. Because one day, I would learn to shine like the moon.

And darling, I do. Flaws and all. I shine like the moon.

I am my own home.

© Sarah Doughty

It’s okay to feel lost.

12 thoughts on “Fireflies At Night”

      1. Thanks for reading! And, to go along with your thought, it would save energy, which in turn save us money.

        The creators of this article make other articles and videos about creation. They come out with new ones about biweekly. Would you like me to send them to you when they come out with new ones?


  1. This is a nice piece. Sometimes I just need to sit back and watch nature and it helps me relax. I found an article that talks about fireflies and their light or “lantern.” May I share it with you?

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