Darkest Moments

“No matter how lost you feel, don’t give up.
You’ll beat it. You’ll overcome it.”

In the darkest moments, when you’re left with nothing but the memories, the ghosts of your past and the demons that lurk in the deepest recesses of your mind — those are when you are the most vulnerable. Those are the moments that can tear you into pieces and leave behind the tattered remains of who you once were. When your emotions overwhelm you and you want nothing more than to shut them off or turn them around. But they’re on a one way street and the brakes have failed.  The moments we fail to see who we really are. When we lose sight of what we have. Forget all the good. And focus on all the bad.

But sometimes there’s that tiny bit of white light, nothing more than a pin prick. A needle point amidst all that blackness. Like the only star in an otherwise infinite, starless night. When you find it, you know you have it. You’ll beat it. You’ll overcome it.

That tiny little beacon is a little thing called hope.

© Sarah Doughty

Sometimes, hope is all
we have to hold on to.

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