Labels Of Choice

  1. “Surviving is more important than any label.
    Never apologize for staying alive.”

When it comes to living my life, I have learned that it’s okay to lean on the people you love and trust the most. It’s not easy — now or when this mess began, but without that help, I don’t know what would have become of me. When I was a child, my classmates liked to make fun of me because I looked like a boy. But to me, the boys in my family weren’t the ones being assaulted every night. And in some ways, I wished I could become one. But those wishes were lost to the wind and I learned how to live as best as I could. Perhaps that makes me a bad feminist, to lean on others, rather than taking care of myself. I’m okay with that. Surviving, to me, is far more important than any label.

© Sarah Doughty

Never apologize for doing
what you need to do
to survive.

Prompt: Bad Feminist
hosted by the amazing Christine
at Brave And Reckless.

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