The Art Of Becoming

“Everything I have learned from you,
was what I never wanted to become.”

Everything I have become, I have learned from you. I knew far more than any little girl should ever know. But those memories stay with me for a reason. I understood, on some basic level, the kind of person you were. The way you didn’t seem to have a conscious. The way you looked at me. And that hunger in your eyes. I knew the monster in the night better than I knew the man in the day. But I learned to be caring. I learned the difference between love and prey. I learned to stand up, and put on a mask every day to keep our secrets. Most of all, what I learned from you was everything I never wanted to become.

© Sarah Doughty

And I think I’ve finally
proven to myself that
even though I am
of your flesh and blood,
I am nothing like you.

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