Stop Fighting

“I am a survivor. So why would I
ever stop fighting now?”

Perhaps this is where my story comes to an end. When, after all these years of battling wars against myself, just trying to survive, I’ve finally reached a place of contentment. A place that felt like an unreachable Utopia. Until now. I could try to accept that my life is what it is and give up everything I’ve done to bring me to this very moment. I could say, I’ve done it, my war has ended. But I cannot. Not until those whispers in the shadows stop telling me who I was supposed to be. Not until the memories of all I endured are safely in the past, not threatening to carry me back in time to relive them over again. Not until I have beaten everything that was ever done or said to try to break me. I am a survivor. So why would I ever stop fighting now?

© Sarah Doughty

Why would I ever
admit defeat?

4 thoughts on “Stop Fighting”

  1. Overcoming everything that’s made us into who we are today is nothing easy, and, we battle ourselves every single day, the fight never ends, because we live under th shadows of our pasts constantly.


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