Letting You In

“I began to wonder how I was hopelessly
in love, yet alone at the same time.”

It was the way you moved that night. The fury burned in your eyes along with the passion running through your veins. And though I welcomed the contact, I couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of loss when you were through. After all the time we’d spent breaking down walls between us, it seemed with every step closer together, another obstacle stood in our way. This was the next one that slammed shut like an iron cell door with no grates or openings to see through. One second you were there, and the next, you’d left like a wraith in the moonless night. And as I sank to the floor, the warm flickering of the flames in the hearth nearby, mixed with the sounds of my sobs were my only company for the remainder of that night. I began to wonder if the fears and the secrets would ever dissolve, or if I’d spend the rest of my life hopelessly in love, and yet alone at the same time.

© Sarah Doughty

So tell me, how is it
fair that I let you in,
but you can’t do the same
in return?

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