Drifting To You

“Sometimes I can’t help myself.
I find my thoughts always drift to you.”

Sometimes I can’t help myself. When the moon shines its brightest, I find my thoughts always drift to you. Perhaps it was all those late night talks we shared. Or maybe how the cover of darkness made sharing secrets a little easier to bear. But no matter how I think of you, I couldn’t regret a single moment we spent together. And I will continue to cherish these and all the moments in between until death separates us at last.

© Sarah Doughty

5 thoughts on “Drifting To You”

  1. Beautiful poem. I think it could apply either way in this scenario: someone who breaks up with another person, or the person who suffers the break-up. It does hit pretty close to home, though.


  2. Your writing reminds me of a manga I am currently re-reading; one of my favorites: “Voices of a Distant Star.” The story of a boy and girl who are separated by light-years.


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