Cursing Fate

“I can’t curse fate for finding you.
I’d rather know you than not at all.”

When it comes to you, I’m still not quite sure where I stand. I wonder about what we were and could have been. If it was destined to be brief and end in heartbreak, no matter the choices we made. I wonder if the life I have now would be another unanswered question if I made a different choice. But we can’t go back. And I can’t curse fate for finding you and bringing you in my life. Because I’d much rather know you as a friend than not at all.

© Sarah Doughty

How could I curse fate,
for knowing you?


6 thoughts on “Cursing Fate”

  1. Hi, we are in Singapore 15/16 feb for 24 hours and wondered if any atttractions will be closed on the 15th and if will be okay to get a taxi to the airport on the 16th? Also we are back on the 10/11 March and wondered if the stores and attractions open as normal on sundays? Please excuse my ignorance on these matters Thanks Paul


  2. Oh, Sarah!! Really loved this! Reminds me of how the intertwining of our lives end up bringing us to our now. Kind of like “It’s a wonderful life”. I often think of the question “If you could change something/anything in your past what would you change?”. My answer is always – Nothing!! Because even the slightest change would throw me off course from meeting my beloved! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!


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