Memories With Gravity

“All that remains of us is a relic.
A memory where gravity still exists.”

Don’t you see? We are nothing more than a blackened solar system. A set of dead stars. What was once a place full of warmth and light — with planets, moons, and gravity holding us together — all that remains is a relic. A memory. A place where the gravity still exists, but once the light fizzled out into nothing, it left no warmth. A deep, undying bitter cold. An infinite darkness. And no beauty to see except what twinkled off in the distance.

That was how I felt — how empty, how cold and dark with that gravity of us still spinning around in the pit of my stomach — that was how it felt when you left.

© Sarah Doughty

That was how it felt to be alone.

15 thoughts on “Memories With Gravity”

  1. I feel like LOVE is over-rated. I believe being best friends, camping buds, fishing partners, movie lovers, stealhouse conosouers… Without friendship, the Love will never work and we will never see eye to eye. Need to find compatibility. Period. A friend for life

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  2. Aching… I felt this one down to the marrow of my bones. “A set of dead stars.” I love galaxy metaphors and this piece I hold in tender regard. Thank you for sharing it, Sarah! ~Kelsey 🖤

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