The Importance Of We Will Not Be Silenced

PTSD and Awareness, Updates

When I began reading We Will Not Be Silenced, I was shocked at what waited for me. It wasn’t just the staggering statistics from the Forward. It wasn’t just the vivid, albeit brief, moments of just a few things a survivor may have experienced.

It was the onslaught
of my own history
coming back
up my throat like bile.

While this anthology needs to be read with great care – especially for those that have experienced some kind of abuse or assault in their lives, as it will no doubt be triggering – it is definitely something everyone should be aware of. These things are real. They happen at a staggering rate every day. And the more awareness we can spread about it, maybe – just maybe – we will be able to save someone from enduring some of, or escaping from, their own.


If you haven’t already done so, consider giving this anthology a read, as both print and Kindle versions are available. Or, consider gifting a copy to the Wish List to donate to organizations in need.

~ Sarah Doughty

6 thoughts on “The Importance Of We Will Not Be Silenced

  1. Thanks, Sarah for this and can totally relate to this feeling of anguish and pain and amazement at the voices of survivors. I was reading the book yesterday at night and had to stop myself a couple of times before bursting into tears. Its a powerful anthology and am so proud to be part of this.

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    1. I am honored that I had a chance to be a part of this. This anthology, by far, is the one that means the most to me. No one should go through anything that was described in that book, yet so many of those exact things happen. I hate the thought of someone feeling like they’re alone with nothing to do but wait.


  2. I started this book, slowly, and it is very powerful. Actually, I’m not sure how to describe it. I know quite a few of the writers featured in it, and that makes even more visceral. It’s a must read. Thank you for featuring it.

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