Lingering Memories

“Darling, I survive with memories
of you in my eyes instead of my arms.”

And the wind. Oh, my love, how the wind carries your scent straight to me. How it reminds me that even if you are not with me, there will always be reminders of you. And as the storms pass, I will see how, in a way, you will always find a way to remind me that you’re still here. That is how I will pick up the pieces that’s left. The memories I will hold in my eyes instead of my love in my arms. That is how I will live on. Because I will still carry you with me. Just like the wind.

© Sarah Doughty

Except, not in the way I dreamed.

In my upcoming poetry book, Universal Echoes,
I delve into the four basic elements —
Earth, Fire, Water, & Air — and the Spirit,
which connects them all together.

Air is associated with new life,
communication beyond our realm
or across barriers, and with its
ever-changing capabilities,
it can help bring about calm and balance.
The Rebirthing (the section on air),
focuses on what happens
after a life-altering event.

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