Believe In Fate

“So, tell me, darling,
how can I not believe in fate,
if you’re with me?”

We were both shooting stars in the infinite night. By a series of chances, we found our way to one another. And we almost missed our chance. Sped on by and never the wiser for it. Where would we be now, I wonder? Would we have found love elsewhere? Happiness? Would you be happier if we didn’t collide in the night?

I’m not sure I want to know. But I’m glad you’re still with me.

Β© Sarah Doughty

So, tell me, darling,
how can I not believe in fate,
if you’re with me?

This was written for day seventeen
of November Notes.
This Is Us Colliding
by Talos


11 thoughts on “Believe In Fate”

    1. Oh thank you, love. It took me a while to reconcile my past with my present/future. While my past was no doubt a hell of sorts, I may not be where I am today. And though ‘today’ isn’t always easy, the people I have in my life are blessings I couldn’t give up. 😊

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  1. Oh my, Sarah!! This is such a gem!!! You so wonderfully captured the way I have felt too about meeting and marrying my wife!! We had mutual friends that never would have introduced us. We ended up as shooting stars on Match.com! Ha! Twenty years ago! This belongs in your “BEST OF” collection!!! This really touched my heart! Thanks so very much for this Super post!!

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