The Stories Between Your Lies

“You see, you were broken.
And I fell for you anyway.
Because I am broken, too.”

The stories between your lies. That’s what I wanted to discover. Bits of truths scattered in those crevasses. The true depth of emotion when all I saw was a mask. I wondered what lived beneath your façade. I wondered what mysteries I would unfold. And I admit, I felt a sense of excitement from the prospect of uncovering you, like an archeologist — one little piece at a time.

So I promised myself one thing. I wouldn’t fall in love with you. But the deeper I went, the harder it became to keep my guard up. You see, you were flawed. You were broken. You tried to hide it, but I somehow found my way through. To your heart. Before I realized it, I’d already fallen in love with you. Despite those lies. Despite your resistance. The masks. Everything. I fell for you anyway. It was something I never expected, but I didn’t regret it, once I felt its existence. Because, my love, I am broken, too.

© Sarah Doughty

You don’t have to hide.

I’m not entirely sure
who I was writing about here,
but I felt it deeply.
Perhaps it is a new heroine.
I hope you enjoyed this little tale.

31 thoughts on “The Stories Between Your Lies”

  1. I loved this… Soo much… It is the sad truth thay despite the flaws ans warning signs of someone we look past it. And thats when we are stuck because we already fell in love and its hard to walk away.. So hard no matter how much they have hurt you.

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  2. Ah, this was a very gorgeous piece! Your writing is always a treat to read. But I loved how vivid imagery was in this one. When I read the line about “the stories between your lies” an image popped into my head: of intwined hands and lies snug between the fingers, floating upwards like floating musical notes. Thanks for the share, Sarah! Best, Kelsey 😄

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