Red Howling

“It is the blood
in the moon I seek.
Can you hear my call?”

It was the silent darkness that whispered only to me in the dead of night. It was the depths of the icy seas that drew me in with each surge. It was the brittle wind that howled only in moments I was there to feel it. That was the red in the midst of black. That was the taste of regret. The touch of light I so desperately needed. The echo of my voice, carrying to the sky.

It is the blood in the moon I seek.

Can you hear my call?

© Sarah Doughty

Do you hear me
where dreams go to die?

20 thoughts on “Red Howling”

    1. There’s an old superstition that if there’s “blood on the moon” something bad will happen. It’s typically a trick of light with the way the rays from the sun hit the moon, and sometimes it appears to be red, hence the blood. This piece, to me, felt almost like a witch’s spell. Perhaps not with the best of intentions. I had fun with it, since it’s not my usual writing style. 😊

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