Light The Fire

“I’m falling apart again
and a few moments of solace
will light the fire in my lungs.
So I can breathe again.”

And I know. I’m falling apart again. Can you see these teardrops gliding down my cheeks? I’ve been hiding this pain for far too long and I’m sinking into darkness. And this desperation flowing through my veins — this feeling of coming apart at the seams — it’s suffocating me. The only thing that seems to hold me together is you. This gravitational pull — like you’re my personal moon. Somehow, it feels like my skin is only being held together by your proximity. And I know that you’re there for me, shining through my darkness. That’s what gives me strength. A few moments of solace. That’s all I need to light the fire in my lungs. So I can breathe again. So I can keep going. That’s what makes me feel alive. You. Here with me. So please hold me until I can put myself back together again.

© Sarah Doughty

Please stay in my orbit.

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