Your Dark Is Beautiful Too

“But darling, you forgot
about one thing:
I love your dark, too.”

When I said I loved everything about you — your mannerisms, your speech, the way that beautiful mind worked — I also meant that I loved all facets of you. All the colors you radiated from within. The blazing reds of your unbridled passion. The blues of your light-hearted laugh. The purples of your mid-afternoon nap. And every color in between. Because you are the light of my life. But darling, you forgot about one thing: I love your dark, too. How else could the night give way to such an expanse of stars and moonlight?

© Sarah Doughty

You are every color
of my soul.


46 thoughts on “Your Dark Is Beautiful Too”

  1. It’s easy to say that you love a person but truly meaning it is another story. A person has different hues and not all of it is beautiful. Amazing way of putting it into perspective

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  2. You’ve captured this facet beautifully Sarah, it makes reading it feel like the painting of a synathesiac response to the stimulus of the person who is loved. Vivid and tender. ~ P ~

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