Ghosts And Dreams


“Oh, but darling, my dreams are only
ghosts without you in them.”

I built my life on hopes and dreams. I found you and you made me believe anything was possible. You made me believe they would come true. You made me believe in happy ever afters.

And I know. I know how complicated and difficult life can be. But this world is cold without you. I can feel it beneath the surface. I can feel it without your touch.

So please, don’t leave me buried in broken dreams. These dreams are only ghosts without you in them.

© Sarah Doughty

Please tell me you’ll stay.

5 thoughts on “Ghosts And Dreams

  1. horror section; i may be in the real world and was sleeping and dreaming in my bed at midnight but that dream i have haunt me but it was…special in a crazy way because it was that hyde guy again that wants to comfort me so badly (i just can´t understand why he wouldnt murder/kill me it was so..strange?)

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