No Mercy

“You see, I wanted you, but I didn’t need you.”

Surrender was never an option. You see, I wanted you, but I didn’t need you. The last thing I needed was to feel like giving away my heart would rescue me. I didn’t need anyone to love me, because I had a backbone that allowed me to stand on my own two feet without a crutch. I didn’t need a savior. And this war I wage within me is no one’s fight but my own. I didn’t need a knight to stand in front of me, just someone in my corner. Someone to push me to get back on my feet if I fell down. And until the day came that you understood, I would never surrender this broken heart of mine.

© Sarah Doughty

I wanted you in my corner,
not to fight for me.

9 thoughts on “No Mercy”

    1. Yes, I believe a lot of guys grow up feeling like they should be the superhero and save the damsel. But with a bit of patience, I’m sure most can learn they don’t need to do anything more than be there. 😊

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      1. Yes, so true! It’s just that society keeps reinforcing this in media and entertainment! Seems guys have a bit of a flaw in this area – a Mister Fix Syndrome! Ha! Beautiful post and something we guys need to take to heart!!!

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