Reveries And Paperbacks

“I was yours and you were mine.
And that alone was enough.”

There was something about you that caught my eye. So I let my eyes linger and took you in. You see, I was mesmerized. By the way your face changed as you read to me. By the way your hands moved as you turned those worn and yellowed pages. By the way your eyes would glide up every now and again to meet with mine. It was as if you were studying me too. With that book between us like it would protect us both. But it was too late. I knew it. And you knew it too.

At last, you dropped your armor and leaned in for that kiss I’d been craving for what seemed like ages. The taste of you exploded on my tongue and it broke through my reverie. I opened up, and, like your favorite paperback, you knew me by heart. From cover to cover, you knew what I needed. How to move your lips over mine. You knew how to read my broken lines. As if my skin was covered in braille and you handled each page with care.

I was yours and you were mine. And that alone was enough.

© Sarah Doughty

This is how lasting love should be.
A book you’ve read so many times,
but never mind picking up again and again.
That is what you are to me.

25 thoughts on “Reveries And Paperbacks”

  1. I’m the lucky one just finishing your first book for review for Christine read the other reviews not sure I can write something as good but shall try to do my best feel very connected to you through your writing 💓

    Liked by 1 person

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