Natural Wonders

“If natural wonders exist, I know you are one of them.
Because you are unforgettable.”

When I think of the natural wonders of this world, I gaze up at the night sky and wonder if maybe those stars are only a trick of light. I think about the rage of a thunderstorm and it reminds me of all the tears I’ve shed. Everything I never got to say. Everything we didn’t experience. I contemplate if a heaven exists — some kind of afterlife — and I wonder if you’ve found your way to yours. When I think of the natural wonders of this world, I remember your face, your smile, and your eyes, and recall how you were one of them. Just like them, you are unforgettable. You were unforgettable.

© Sarah Doughty

You were unforgettable.

This is what came to me
after yet another nightmare.
This time, I watched as the light
faded from my son’s eyes.
I watched as his face relaxed
for the last time.
I woke up sobbing.
Because that is my worst fear.
And I wept while I wrote this.

This was part one
of a three-part series.
Read parts two and three.

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