I Knew My Faults


“I knew my faults.
And they always stared
back at me in the mirror.”

As long as I can remember, I knew my faults. They were engraved in my flesh, repeated so often that even I saw nothing else. I knew every one. Believed every one. I was every one.

I knew my faults when I was toddling around, learning how to speak, how to walk, how to cower.

I knew my faults when I began school. How I wasn’t smart enough, not social enough. How I was a target in school. And at night.

I knew my faults in the dark. I learned my best to do what was required of me, but I was never quite good enough. I knew what my hands needed to do, how my lips should stay soft, or how my hips were supposed to move with the right timing. After awhile, I knew those moves just enough to get by.

I knew my faults. And they always stared back at me in the mirror.

© Sarah Doughty

Special thanks to Whisper And The Roar
for publishing this piece.
I was inspired by all the incredible pieces (see below)
that spawned from Kindra‘s initial piece.
Thank you, all of you, for giving my words
a place to rest among yours. It is always an honor.

Inspired by:
Kindra M. Austin’s ‘I Knew My Worth
Kristiana Reed’s ‘I Knew My Mistakes
Christine Ray’s ‘I Knew My Name
Eric Syrdal’s ‘I Knew My Heart
Megha Sood’s ‘I Knew My Lesson
1Wise Woman’s ‘I Knew My Fate
Rachel Finch’s ‘I Knew My Purpose

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