“I’ve lived through hell before.
But here I am, living in another one.”

I’ve always known this world
is a cruel one.
Living through hell
will give anyone
some perspective.
But I never imaged this
would be our reality —
a hell. A distorted place
where nothing makes sense.
Where monsters
hide in plain sight,
barely attempting
to disguise themselves.

A world where I’m terrified
every day I send
my son to school.
One where I fear
for my neighbors.
A reality where children
are living in cages.
Where fundamental
human rights is becoming
more exclusive by the day.
Where hatred is very much
alive and well.
The worst part?
I’ve lived through hell before.
But here I am,
living in another one.

© Sarah Doughty

Give me something to celebrate,
because I honestly don’t have one.

9 thoughts on “Distortion”

  1. The world is becoming, more and more dangerous by the day, especially, with all those news of murderers, running loose, and it makes us fearful, for our children’s and loved ones’ lives, but we still, carry ourselves on in this world, there’s, NO other way to do it, but keep on, walking…

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  2. It is mind numbing and hurts the heart to see what is happening in our world by those in power. Sometimes it makes us feel inadequate superficial worth less and powerless. Each day is a gift and making the most of it, teaching our children, sharing another way of looking at what’s happening, makes a difference. Perhaps not on the grand scale that will make immediate changes, but hopefully held stem the tide, change another’s point of view. When enough people are incensed, change happens. You are doing your part in your home life, and here. You have overcome so much on a personal level. One foot in front of another at times but it’s a win!

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  3. We are all afraid for each other, for ourselves. But when you open your eyes in the morning, always be thankful. Look around at what you have. Look around at how lucky you are to be alive. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you’ve been given another day, another breath, another chance to be kind. 🙂

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