Tell Me You’ll Stay

“Please tell me you’ll stay.
Because those whispers in my head
tell me you won’t.”

And I hear it. The explosions in the sky when the sun falls under the horizon. It reminds of a time that wasn’t so fun. But I try to ignore those encroaching thoughts and try to be here and now with the ones I love. Yet they linger there, just under the surface — just like the sun as the light grows darker and darker. You know it’s there, but you just can’t see it any longer. And they won’t stop coming.

But that’s when those whispers grow quiet — because your arms wrapped around me and held me together. Keeping me here, instead of losing myself to the past. This is just one of the thousands of things you’ve done for me. No matter how small and insignificant, I remember all of them. They spell out sacrifice. They define devotion. For all of that and more, I will always be grateful. I only hope that I continue to be deserving of you. That you’ll stay. Because those whispers in my head constantly tell me that I’m not deserving and I never was. They tell me you won’t stay. They know exactly what to say that will hurt the most.

© Sarah Doughty

Please tell me you’ll stay.
Because you are what I need.

6 thoughts on “Tell Me You’ll Stay”

  1. Sarah, what can I say?? Your words never cease to reach my heart and delight me with your warm and loving words! Don’t listen to the words in your head! That’s your mind trying to stress out your heart!! Bellissimo, Sarah, Bellissimo!!!


  2. Always worthy. Each and every person, in whatever state they may be, is always worthy — of life, to themselves, and to others. Whatever a person is experiencing, they will hopefully stay strong to pull through it, and in doing so, helping themselves, and in myriad ways, helping others. That is what you do, too — by way of just writing thoughts aloud. I’ve grown to a deep appreciation of your work. Thanks, Sarah.


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