Coalescing Thoughts


“This need. This hunger.
This wanting of you.
And oh, how the wait is killing me.”

Can you feel it? All this blood rushing through my system. These bated breaths, like I can’t get enough oxygen to sustain my body. Can you see it in my eyes? This need. This hunger. This gnawing ache and how I’m screaming inside my head for you. My body won’t move, but it’s not out of fear. It’s the indecision. These thoughts in my head coalesce from one thing to the next. How much I want this. How much I want you. But how? That is the question.

It’s like a liquid fire is rushing through my veins and I can’t do anything to calm the burn that is doing nothing but engulf me. I cannot decide how to react. I’m losing control and yet I’m frozen in place. I cannot do anything but burn. And wait.

And oh, how the wait is killing me.

© Sarah Doughty

If only you knew how
you are driving me mad.

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