Still In Love


“I just want you to know,
wherever you are,
a part of me still loves you.”

I just want you to know, wherever you are, my thoughts still drift to you. In the night, I sometimes find myself reaching out to you. And I can’t help but wonder if you’re doing the same thing. Sometimes, as if you are right next to me, I feel you. Like you’re a magnet. A compass, drawing me home. In some ways, I suppose you still are. Connected to me in spirit. Walking by my side. Looking up at the same moon. Feeling the same warmth in the summer night air. Laughing at each other’s jokes. Just enjoying the company of one another. There are moments, when I wonder about you. If you’re happy. If you think of me too. And, though our time ended so long ago, I remember you. I miss you. And god help me, but that part of me that knew you so well still loves you.

© Sarah Doughty

Sometimes, when I dream,
it’s about a life without you in it.

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