What Gets Me Part Two

“Darling, it’s your eyes,
they remind me I’m worth loving.”

It’s the silence that gets me. The coldness of it. That seeps through my skin and freezes me to the floor. As if I’m a permanent structure. A stone sculpture. The remnants of what broke me so long ago. In those moments, my heart hurts so much that I feel like every cell in my body would crack and crumble into stardust. And all I have are these tears, now icy streams down my cheeks, puddling around my feet. But I know daybreak will come. That is when the thawing will begin.

It’s the weight of your gaze that gets me. How I can read every thought that flutters through your mind. How your eyes can scream a thousand words without a single sound passing your lips. When they drown out these dark thoughts in my mind. In those moments, I’m reminded that I’m so much stronger than I ever give myself credit for. I’m reminded that I am worth loving. And all I have to do is look into your eyes when I need those reminders.

© Sarah Doughty

So please, look at me.

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