What Gets Me Part One

“And I know when I hear your heart,
my world will be alright.”

It’s the loss that gets me. The emptiness of it. How it leaves me feeling hollow. Like the wind could pick me up and blow me away. Like a memory. Like a ghost. Only a shell of what I once was. The product of such a troubled past. In those moments, I’m reminded that I won’t always be so lost. Something will come along and fill me up again. Maybe it’ll be hope. Maybe it’ll be love. I never know. But either way, I know it’ll end.

It’s the beat of your heart that gets me. How I used to hear it like a lullaby in the dark of night. How it let mine echo in tune. Like it was a song. Our song. The one I would know from anywhere. It was familiar. It was home. In those moments, I was complete. Oh, how I miss those nights, where I could just listen and know I was safe and nothing would bring me down. And I know. I know when I hear your heart beating once again, my world will be alright.

© Sarah Doughty

And oh, how beautiful is our song.

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