Aching Love

“And I know. That ache of loving you
will become permanent.”

Sometimes memories just stick with me. Though I may not notice them all the time. But when the anniversary of our ending comes around, I’m reminded of what I never shared with you. I’m reminded of what we lost in those years we’ve been apart. The things you and I relied on. Like how we took solace in holding each other. Or those moments we just talked and laughed until the sun peeked over the horizon. Perhaps we took those moments for granted. Perhaps we took “us” for granted. Perhaps we let our problems outweigh our devotion to one another. Either way, the pain remains, especially when something reminds me of you. And I know. The pain will lessen the further we go, but it will always be there. That ache will become a part of us. That ache of loving you will become permanent.

© Sarah Doughty

In the middle of the night, the ache is what gets me.

Inspired by @hallieartwork.


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