The Way You Love Me

“Darling, I love the way you love me.
You’re my best friend before anything else.”

Sometimes I feel like my world is spinning out of control. But when I hear your heartbeat, everything slows down. And it is then that I can breathe again. Maybe that’s why you think I love you, but it’s not true. To be honest, I love you for so much more than that. I love that you’re kind. That you’re gentle and loving. I love that part of you that stops to admire the sun hitting my face on a clear spring day. The way the candle’s shadows dance against your eyes when you gaze at me. Devouring me with one look. I love the way you’ll drop everything when I’m upset and how you’ll just sit in silence and wait for me to speak if I decide to say anything at all. I love how you’re my best friend first before anything else.

© Sarah Doughty

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