“My spirit travels with the wind,
and it is there we will find each other
in the dark.”

This world isn’t black and white, but so many people perceive it that way. I’ve seen beyond the gray and into a place where even shadows have some light to dance with. I’ve seen the rainbows after the storms and felt their pain, as if for once they’d like to be granted a wish.

I’ve felt the wind and how whispers carry. I’ve heard the trees reaching just a little higher to catch some of those words. Even though this world is often dark and no other souls are in sight, I can still feel you there, like you’re right behind me. And if I turn around, I might catch a glimpse of you there. But the space where I feel you is empty.

It’s always empty. But if I look beyond what my eyes can see, I will see you in between life and dreams. And if we’re both lost, all we need to do is find the wind. She always knows how to bring us home. And it is there we will find each other in the dark.

© Sarah Doughty

This was inspired, in part,
by the lovely Wilder of @wilderpoetry.
Her debut poetry book just released, so go check it out.

57 thoughts on “Travels

  1. Hi. I’m just trying to figure out how you (and a couple of others) even found my post. The story Beneath the Glove Box? (now titled A Tail in One City). Anyway, I’m thinking its the tagline(s) that you use to find stuff.
    Your blog(?) has a very elegant feel to it, like a 5 star hotel with handmade soaps.
    Ok, thanks. bye

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