I Wonder

“So I often wonder. Why do you still love me? When I’m nothing but broken pieces.”

Why is it so hard? My mouth wants to speak, but no sound escapes. My body wants to move, but my brain doesn’t listen. Why am I so broken? I can’t let you see how vulnerable I am. I can’t give an inch, or I feel like I’ll lose it all. Why do you still bother to try? When I can’t even lift a finger in your direction. To hold your hand. To let you know how much I need you. When all I want is for you to hold me. But I sit in silence. Frozen.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just be in the moment with you. You see, my heart’s gone cold to preserve what little is left of me. So I often wonder. Why do you still love me? When I’m nothing but broken pieces of who I used to be?

© Sarah Doughty

This was written in response to the #NovemberNotes challenge. Today’s inspiration was Just Hold Me by Maria Mena. I also pulled a bit of inspiration from Drive by Beacon.

18 thoughts on “I Wonder”

  1. I wish to extend a personal thank you for November Notes. I couldn’t link to you, but I enjoyed the experience Sarah, as they were all new songs to me. Hope I did them justice. Your writing for each was so excellent! Thank you once again, as well as the other writer involved, whose name I can’t find. Take care.

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      1. It’s really very remarkable when you find someone who keys into all the silent things. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts. I’m grateful you’re doing what you do, there’s compassion in it. x

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