“She wanted him to be hers, like she needed air in her lungs.”

She wanted him to be hers, like she needed air in her lungs. Their entire future together flashed in front of her eyes and she knew he was the one. But she failed to realize that it was all in her head and he was nothing like she imagined. Before she knew it, after a string of excuses, apologies, and forgiveness, she found herself trapped with no way out. The worst part was, she no longer felt like herself, and lacked the strength to try to break free.

© Sarah Doughty

This was written in response to the #NovemberNotes challenge. Today’s inspiration was Possession by Sarah McLachlan.

6 thoughts on “Possessed”

  1. There’s a true story about a girl who was the one to beat growing up, somehow got sideways with downs in nursing school, helped a cop killer sociopath break out jail, lived quietly in South Dakota for years. Got discovered, he went back to jail till he was dust. She let it beat her and ODed when she was 49. The whole story went by like Disney pixie dust when a guy handed her a pill in 1972. He just wasn’t equipped to see it. Until, like her, it was over. Good call.

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